Our Services and Packages

Careful Interactions, Effective Results


Our Base Package: General Life Nudge

General Guidance

This package does not actually cost the clients involved. It is part of our mission to aid the everyday mortal get through their lives, and if one contacts us intentionally or otherwise, a Relational Fate Associate is assigned to their case free of charge to help them through.


The Turn Your Life Around Package

If It Worked for Scrooge, It'll Work For You!

This is a very specific service, meant to expose to people the long term effects of their current actions. It takes different forms based on the client's target, and has a very high success rate!


The Guardian Angel Package

Not Just for Christians!

This package is unique in that it can only be gifted out of love, not bought for yourself. We will have one of our associates 'keep an eye on' a being of your choosing, and steer them away from any life-altering events that could kill them or similarly impact them. Many people gift this package for their pets!


The Fortune Telling Package

Glimpse into a Future

Do you feel insecure about what the result of a decision you're about to make will be? Here at Fate Inc., we can give you the option to take a short look at the future you may have based on the choice. 

As a result of past patterns of use, this package can only be purchased three times in a mortal's lifetime.