Notable Past Projects

The Wonders of Mortal Choices

Fate Incorporated does our best work when it is enhancing or distracting natural mortal choices. We inspire and we detract in the same movements. Some notable projects lay below.

Earth's First Moon Landing

July 1969

This was a project we were very excited to take part in. Earth has been a favorite world of many of the contractors involved in Fate Incorporated, as well as where we have done some of our most notable work, such as this project. This first stepping stone beyond the insular world of a planet is important for any civilization, and we are flattered that we were involved in this one.

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Working Together

The US-Russo War

November 1962

This is a unique project in that it is one we actually avoided working on, but the avoidance was a huge task in itself. Through the detailed attentions of our employees, a series of crucial events inciting this war into taking place were missed, and thus the whole event was avoided. It is a testament to the strength of our company's work ethic that this event only exists in science fiction novels.

Invention of the Wheel

3500 BCE

One of the most notable projects we have been part of, with the most far reaching consequences. Ori Kala, our current HR Manager, was actually the head of the team that worked on this back when she worked in the more active departments. We are endlessly proud of her and her team.

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