Notable Clients

Partnerships and Planners

Client 5


The Lady of All Women

It is unfortunate just how much of this wonderful woman's life has been lost to time. She contacted us after her husband's death for advice. We provided interpersonal support to her and her family, and helped in smoothing the transition of power.

Client 6


The Once and Future

We have been working with and around this client for a very long time, and have build a rapport unlike any other. Though he does not work for us, we have partnered in quite a few projects over the years.

Client 4


A Lesson Learned

We were contracted to watch over this specific client by an outside interest. However, he quickly became aware of us and struck his own deal. It could have been worse.

Client 1

"The Simpson's" Writing Team

Give an Inch, They'll Take a Mile

Someone really wanted this show to exist. A lot of factors went into this partnership, including some growing pains in the company and a temporary change in how we interacted with our clients. Some storyboards of the possible future may have been shown to them.