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      Fate Incorporated has been aiding humanity get through their short lives for as long as humans have had problems. As other universes have developed, we have begun to expand into them as well! Anywhere there are sentient beings, there we are!

     We have a long and storied history that you will see evidence of throughout this site that we are extremely proud of. Nobody does the work we do, and we make sure our clients are always satisfied with it.

Client Reviews

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We value every review we receive. Enjoy some first hand accounts from customers.

“Fate Inc. subliminally influenced the outcome of an entire revolution… so I’d say they’re pretty cool.”

Maggie Zenia

"As far as supervisors go, these guys definitely suck the least! Glad CH&T outsource for this kinda stuff!"


"I, Ethan McFarley, am happy with your actions. I understand that to err is to be Human, to want, is to be alive. You have done as I ask, nothing more, nothing less."

Ethan McFarley

I think it all worked out for the best. Whenever I came upon a problem or was in danger, this “Fate Inc.” saved me. Mystical or whatever this "Fate Inc." is, it gave me a new understanding of things. Time to see what’s next for this world.

Reginald "Reggie" Clark

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